Keep your truck connected to your business with the latest in Mercedes-Benz technology.


Connected Trucks: Towards future transport.
Connectivity solutions are radically transforming the transportation sector. Utilising approximately 400 sensors, trucks generate vast amounts of data and contain software that contains over 100 million lines of code – more than that of a jet plane.


The translation of this data into usable business intelligence allows organisations to provide products and services to customers in order to supercharge their supply chain – be it planning the most efficient route or understanding the location of an asset to improving driver performance and safety. Connectivity is more than simple hardware – it gets under the surface of a customer’s business, aligning a solution that maximises the continued benefit received from their Mercedes-Benz Truck. 




Fleetboard, a Daimler company are a leading supplier of the next generation of Telematics & Connectivity Solutions. Fleetboard is used throughout the world, helping our clients to drive efficiency throughout their supply chain. From Tracking & Telematics, real-time diagnostics with workshop integration, through to full sign on glass delivery functionality. Fleetboard has the solution.



The world of connectivity is evolving and so are we, keeping our customers ahead of the curve with leading edge technologies. Fleetboard Telematics. The future of connectivity, today.



Mercedes-Benz Uptime.
Mercedes-Benz Uptime is a revolutionary telediagnosis system. It monitors various electronic sensors on vehicles in real time and can detect critical conditions related to these sensors at an early stage. Data is shared automatically with Mercedes-Benz so we can alert you to anything that needs attention, providing optimal repair solutions in good time.


Mercedes-Benz Uptime can prevent breakdowns before they happen, minimising workshop time and keeping your truck on the road where it belongs. 


Truck App Portal.
Your digital interface in the truck.


The Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal allows vehicles to be individually equipped with apps that increase value to the customer or driver. Fleet managers can access all of the available apps via a clearly organised platform and then initiate the installation process as well as assign the apps to individual vehicles.


From Mercedes-Benz products such as TRUCKTraining Apps and digital manuals to third party apps such as Continental TPMS technology, the Truck App Portal is a revolutionary platform and unique selling point of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. 


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