Service Intervals

Is your van service due?

Van service intervals are determined by Mercedes-Benz ASSYST.

Intelligent and innovative, Mercedes-Benz ASSYST alerts you when your van needs servicing. The system measures variables like oil quantity & quality, engine load, temperature and speed to determine the optimum time to service the vehicle. When a lubrication service is required, a single spanner lights up on the dashboard. When the van requires a maintenance service, two spanners light up.

Individual van's service intervals depend on how each van is driven. 

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz ASSYST, you’ll never over or under service your van again. Your vehicle knows when it needs a service to maintain optimal performance, which depends on a number of variables - your driving style, the type of roads you travel on.

Maximum service intervals still apply, as follows:

Model Miles* Years*
Citan (2013-19) 18,000  2 Years
Citan (2023+) 18,000 2 Years
eCitan 24,000 1 Year
Vito  24,000 2 Years
eVito 24,000 1 Year
Sprinter RWD 37,500 2 Years
Sprinter FWD 24,000 2 Years
eSprinter  24,000 1 Year
*Service due at whichever occurs first