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Team Valley Site Now Open

We are delighted to announce that our new Team Valley depot is fully open for business with all departments now situated in our flagship head office.

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Mercedes-Benz Dealer BLS Truck & Van is up and running in Aberdeen

There’s a new name for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in the north of Scotland, and BLS Truck & Van is already investing heavily to ensure it delivers the exceptional customer service that befits the legendary three-pointed star.

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Bell backs Britain with seven-days-a-week MB Vans lockdown strategy

Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bell Truck and Van achieved a stunning van sales result after adopting a radical approach designed to keep customers moving during the pandemic.

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A new era dawns for Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bell Truck and Van

Mercedes-Benz Dealer Bell Truck and Van is poised to embark on a major programme of investment in new and improved facilities, following its acquisition by a leading environmental, renewable energy and recycling company.

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Call for Drivers to Know HGV Heights

Are you an HGV driver who is aware of the height of their vehicles? Most people have a basic understanding of what their vehicle looks like and how it interacts with the world but in some cases, many don’t and it is becoming a major problem to try and deal with. A big railway company has recently drawn attention to the issue after it reported that there were 54 separate collisions with bridges along their network in 2023. 

Latest Study Shows 50% of Drivers Haven’t Read Highway Code in Years

Do you know when the last time you looked at the Highway Code was? For most people, it’s definitely been a few years, as their driving skills have evolved to the point they don’t need to. However, more than half of all drivers in the UK have admitted that they haven’t looked at the Highway Code once since they passed their test - many of whom became legal drivers decades ago. R

UK Pricing and Specification Announced for the New Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

New features designed to deliver class-leading safety and efficiency

HGV Truck Helps Catch Criminals

In an interesting and fairly unique turn of events, police officers in the Northamptonshire area have started using an unmarked truck cab as a way of recording driving offences committed along the M1. Using the cab, there have been 179 offences recorded and marked by the police for later judgement. 

New Speed Cameras to Hit the UK Soon?

The world of speed cameras might be due a big upgrade, as new technology might be ready to come into force as early as next year - 2024 - in the UK.

Third of All Drivers Would Ignore Weather Warnings

With the Met office producing red weather warnings across the UK, you would think that most people would be sensible and change their driving plans accordingly, to avoid the risk of being caught in bad weather and suffering either an accident or a breakdown. However, a recent report conducted by the AA suggests that up to a third of all drivers would ignore a red warning, if it was an inconvenience to them.

Does the 20mph Speed Limit Help Keep Roads Safe?

For most people, the 20mph limit was put into place as a way to protect people from the risk of harm. However, one of the most pressing questions for most people is whether or not it’s actually helped to deal with the problems caused by speeding. 

New Software Enables Viewing of CPC and Tachograph Information

One of the most recent successes seen by the DVLA was their creation and implementation of the Driver and Vehicles account - a portal where key information can be accessed.