All-electric, sustainable, profitable: the eActros 600 for the long-haul is ready and heralds a new era in the transport industry. The game changer from Mercedes‑Benz Trucks is here.

The eActros 600 is “charged to change”, making it the heart of an integrated solution for the future of transport companies – all-electric, sustainable and more cost-effective than ever before.

Thanks to its high range, peak performance and battery durability, as well as comprehensive consulting and e-specific services from Mercedes-Benz Trucks, you’ll be ready for the long-haul eMobility era with this vehicle. ​

Smart and powerful with a peak output of 600 kW and made for long distances with a groundbreaking range of 500 kilometres without recharging, the eActros 600 is bound to impress.

Not only does the eActros 600 boast a range of 500 kilometres, it can also go the distance without recharging.* Combined with the innovative powertrain offering peak performance of 600kW, this truck is made for long distances. Moreover, the Megawatt Charging System aims to let you charge the vehicle from 20% to 80% in around 30 minutes.**

It’s not just the efficient all-electric powertrain that makes the eActros 600 stand out.

It also shines thanks to its newly developed LFP batteries enjoying a life of up to 1.2 million kilometres, all without the use of nickel or cobalt. All this goes to make the truck not just cost-efficient for your business, but sustainable too.

With its new aerodynamic cab, the eActros 600 isn’t just efficient; the journey is especially comfortable, as vibrations and noises are reduced while on the road. 

Whether it’s the Multimedia Cockpit Interactive 2 or powerful eAxle with intelligent four-gear transmission that drivers happen to appreciate, they benefit from the truck’s various features to the full. Not to mention, the new safety assistance systems, such as Active Drive Assist 3, that make for an even more relaxed drive.

Alongside offering you the Mercedes-Benz Trucks safety assistance systems that are standard, such as Active Drive Assist 3 and Active Brake Assist 6, the eActros 600 also comes with specially developed new, innovative features, such as Frontguard Assist.

We provide you with the advice you need to get your future direction right: our eConsultants support you in making your eMobility entry a cost-efficient one with the correct integrated solution and give you guidance concerning processes such as the planning of infrastructure or cost optimisation. The eActros 600 also comes with access to the Mercedes-Benz Trucks service world, including the digital customer portal My TruckPoint for Mercedes-Benz Trucks and convenient e-specific services, such as TruckLive with Live Traffic, Fleetboard Charge Management and Mercedes-Benz Uptime.

Our captive financial services provider, Daimler Truck Financial Services, offers holistic funding solutions to support your transition to eMobility, inclusive of vehicle, repair & maintenance and charging infrastructure.

The eActros 600 factory-direct guarantee covers the entire vehicle, the ePowertrainand the high-voltage batteries.*** Additionally, the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Value Bundle ensures you have a true service power package for your eActros 600. This consists of flexible financial services provided by Daimler Truck Financial Services, premium telematics services from Fleetboard and individual driver training for the new eActros as well as everything the comprehensive Mercedes-Benz Complete incl. Mercedes-Benz Uptime Service Contract has to offer.

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* The range was determined internally under specific test conditions, after preconditioning with a 4x2 tractor unit with 40t total towing weight at 20°C 
outside temperature in long-haul operation and may deviate from the values determined in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/2400.
** Based on internal simulations since a binding and uniform Megawatt Charging System (MCS) standard is currently under development.
*** Entire vehicle (max. 12 months with unlimited mileage), the ePowertrain (max. 36 months or 360,000km) and the high-voltage batteries (max. 72 months 
or 720,000km or 1,800 charging cycles). For ePowertrain and high-voltage batteries, whichever is reached first. A warranty case for the high-voltage 
batteries occurs if the state of health falls below 80% under the specified conditions for the high-voltage batteries. 
4 Depending on the features.
5 Nominal capacity of new battery, based on internally defined boundary conditions, may vary depending on use case and ambient conditions.
6 Capacity available for regular truck operation with new batteries. Based on internally defined boundary conditions, may vary depending on use case and 
ambient conditions.
7 The eActros 600 can be charged via a standard CCS2 Charger with up to 400kW: Based on internally determined empirical values under optimal conditions, 
including an ambient temperature of 20°C at a standard DC fast charging station with 500A charging current, the three battery packs need approximately 
one hour to be charged from 20% to 80%.