Pirtek picks a Premium package with new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Hydraulic hose specialist Pirtek Tyne & Wear knows all about pressure. With a stated aim of reaching all customer call-outs within an hour, reliable vehicles are essential – which is why every one of its vans wears the three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz.

The Gateshead-based operator represents Pirtek, the UK’s leading hydraulic solutions provider, in Tyne & Wear, and also has an Aberdeen franchise serving the North-East of Scotland. In addition to its service centres and on-site teams who work throughout the UK, Pirtek covers Belgium, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Pirtek Tyne & Wear began the process of switching to Mercedes-Benz vans five years ago, after suffering a series of reliability issues with vehicles by other manufacturers. Its latest Sprinter 314 CDI arrived, like its predecessors, via North-East Dealer Bell Truck and Van.

“Our one-hour commitment means we simply cannot afford for our vans to be off the road unnecessarily,” said Operations Manager Kevin Monaghan. “It’s imperative, therefore, that our vehicles should be robust and dependable.

“Equally important, though, is a flexible, professional dealer who understands what we need to keep our business moving. These requirements are met admirably by our Mercedes-Benz fleet and Bell Truck and Van’s back-up.”

As a special Premium Edition model, Pirtek Tyne & Wear’s new Sprinter came with a package of optional extras including integrated Becker® MAP PILOT satellite navigation and Audio 15 colour screen infotainment systems, TEMPMATIC air-conditioning, Comfort driver’s seat with arm-rest, outside temperature indicator, chrome-effect grille, and special wheel trims and badging.

It has lined up alongside 11 other Gateshead-based Sprinters – the company also has six in Aberdeen.  All are kitted out as mobile workshops and assigned to mobile service technicians, who maintain and repair hydraulic hoses on excavators, construction vehicles, fork-lift trucks, rail vehicles, and a wide range of other equipment. Two smaller Mercedes-Benz Citan vans, meanwhile, are used by service engineers who work on larger hydraulic systems.

“We’ve not looked back since we switched to Mercedes-Benz vans,” continued Mr Monaghan. “Ours is a tough application as the vehicles are on and off rough construction sites several times a day, but they take it in their stride.

“Crucially, we also have the safety net of top-quality support. Bell’s workshop is open around the clock, which means we can drop off vans at the end of the day for servicing, and pick them up ready to go first thing in the morning. What’s more, the manufacturer’s MobiloVan cover includes free, 24-hour roadside assistance as part of the deal.”

He added: “The Mercedes-Benz brand shouts quality and reflects the high standard of service that we provide to our own customers. Along with the strong resale values that contribute to an impressively low total cost of ownership, and the fact that they hardly ever need fixing, the whole package is simply unbeatable.”