Tree surgeons branch out with their new Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickups


Tree surgery and clearance contractor Arbor Division has turned over a new leaf by trading in its previous vehicles and replacing them with a trio of Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickups.

The Durham-based company’s Director Jonathan Wheeler, and his Managers Jonathan Grievson and Aaron Peacock, took delivery of their doublecab X 250 d Power models from North-East Dealer Bell Truck and Van.

Launched earlier this year, the X-Class is the first pickup to wear a three-pointed star, and combines standards of comfort, driving dynamics and safety not previously seen in its market segment, with genuine hard-grafting credentials.

The X 250 d features a high-torque, 2.3-litre engine that transmits its 190 hp output via a seven-speed automatic transmission, and offers impressive performance both on-road and across rough terrain. Underlining its everyday practicality and fitness for purpose, each vehicle can carry a payload of more than 1.0 tonne and tow a further 3.5 tonnes.

Jonathan Wheeler said: “Crew-cabbed 4x4 pickups are ideal for our line of work – we need to be able to get teams of up to five people, as well as their tools and machinery, to some pretty inaccessible locations. We ran pickup trucks by a different manufacturer previously, but the X-Class represents a real step-up in quality. In terms of quality and comfort it’s far superior, while the fact that it’s a Mercedes-Benz means it’s also engineered to a very high standard.”

Arbor Division undertakes most of its tree surgery work for domestic clients across the North-East and North Yorkshire. However, it also takes on contracts for commercial enterprises, including utility providers, railway companies and local authorities – these have seen its teams working as far afield as Kent and the north of Scotland. The business has a consultancy arm too, which is often called on to arrange access to remote or hard-to reach sites.

“For long-distance journeys you want a vehicle that’s smooth and relaxing,” continued Mr Wheeler. “You may also have to venture off-road to reach the site and, of course, you need to be able to carry all the people and equipment required to carry out the job when you get there.

“Our X-Class excel in all of these areas. They’re great to drive and exceptionally comfortable, but are fully at home in a working environment as well. They also have fantastic presence, and help us to present an extremely professional, high-quality image when we turn up to client meetings and sites.”

Arbor Division took advantage of competitive funding support from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services to acquire its X-Class pickups, while also signing up to a ServiceCare plan under which all maintenance costs are covered by a simple, fixed monthly payment. Like all Mercedes-Benz Vans, its vehicles are backed by three-year, unlimited mileage warranties and came with MobiloVan cover, which includes free 24-hour breakdown assistance across Europe.

Mr Wheeler added: “We’ve been impressed, too, by what we’ve seen of Bell Truck and Van – they’re proper commercial vehicle specialists and understand our need to keep the business moving. The ServiceCare plan represents great value for money, while the Dealer’s extended workshop opening hours mean we can get any work done at times that suit us, thereby restricting downtime to an absolute minimum.”    

“I always hoped Mercedes-Benz would build a pickup,” he revealed. “Now we have three of our own, and we couldn’t be happier with them.”