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Increase your performance.

FleetBoard - your partner for individual telematics solutions. 

Make your company more economical and more secure.

Do you want to improve the competitiveness and position of your logistics company in the market? Are you looking for a partner for telematics solutions to make your company more efficient, more secure and, most of all, more affordable? Are individual solutions, personal consulting, first-class expertise and comprehensive industry experience important for you? Then FleetBoard is exactly right for you.

As a pioneer in the field of telematics, we continue to provide our customers with sound, quality telematics
solutions for vehicles of any make and brand. As a 100% Daimler subsidiary, we know the transport and logistics
industry better than any other company. Our modular services and our complete, single-source solutions also
help you to save effectively on costs and to manage your logistics processes – for all makes of trucks, vans
and buses.

Lower costs, more productivity, higher security: FleetBoard Performance Management. Maximum Transparency.

With the Performance Management concept we ensure maximum transparency at every level. This networking between the driver, fleet and order provides valuable information that helps you reduce costs while simultaneously increasing productivity and ensuring more security. We provide our customers with the most modern hardware and software as well as a comprehensive service and support offer.

Driver Management.

One thing is clear, the race for economic efficiency will be won on the road. And this is where your drivers are in control. With FleetBoard Driver Management you ensure improved communication and an economic driving
style. You can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. A preventative driving style also means fewer accidents and fines. 

Fleet Management.

Your vehicles must be on the road. This is the only way you can earn money and operate your fleet economically. So use FleetBoard Fleet Management for improved vehicle availability. For example, use it for maintenance planning or an exact trip record. This means you avoid unnecessary idle times or detours and, thus, increase the efficiency of your operations. 

Order Management. 

The essence of Order Management is the optimal assignment of drivers and vehicles. Efficient transport planning and order processing leads to satisfied customers and, over the long-term, a competitive edge. Last but not least, the automation of logistics processes and the use of intelligent hardware help to prevent errors and reduce costs.

For more information on FleetBoard telematics, please contact our Sales Team. 

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