Fuel Challenger


The Actros continues to underline its leading role: in over 2000 Fuel Challenges it has won more than 90% – with a consumption advantage of around 9.1%*. But that’s not all: in future we will continue to work on lowering consumption – further reducing total costs in the process.

At Mercedes-Benz Trucks, the whole topic of overall economy is given close attention. Investment, fuel consumption, maintenance and repairs all have an impact on your revenue, as does the vehicle's residual value. During the entire service life of your vehicle, the cost of fuel will account for about 50-60% of driving-related expenses. For some years now, the Actros has been the undisputed leader where profitability is concerned, and it remains so today. Mercedes-Benz Trucks is continually developing new fuel-saving technologies, such as the innovative Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) assistance system, which sees the automatic transmission equipped with a driving mode which adapts to suit the prevailing topography. The Actros with Euro VI engine makes a real contribution to reducing fuel consumption. The new Actros has proved in numerous fuel consumption tests that it is up to 9% more economical than its competitors. Together with the FleetBoard telematics system and a more economical driving style, you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%.

With the second engine generation of the OM 471 heavy-duty engine, the Mercedes-Benz Actros from Daimler Trucks has increased its efficiency lead even further. The engineers at Mercedes-Benz have managed to square the circle: fuel consumption has been reduced once again by up to 3%, and at the same time, with increased torque, driving dynamics have improved. The crowning glory of this model series is a new maximum output of 390 kW (530 hp) and 2600 Nm torque. And last but not least, robustness has been improved further too. This means that the second generation of the OM 471 sets new standards in the heavy-duty engine sector for heavy commercial vehicles.

But you'll see the most compelling evidence in Fuel Challenger, by testing the Actros for yourself.

This is how Fuel Challenger works:

  • For two to three weeks, the Actros will become part of your fleet
  • Your own driver will take the wheel and go about their normal duties
  • The FleetBoard telematics system will record the fuel consumption and driving style
  • An interim report will allow improvements to be made, and a final report will deliver the results

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* As of: February 2017: EURO 6 & EURO 5 vehicles