Visual Health Check


A Mercedes-Benz Visual Health Check ensures your vehicle and your business stay in the the best shape, performing day in, day out.

The check is carried out on your vehicle when you bring it into a Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Dealership. And it’s carried out by Mercedes-Benz technicians. For free.

What is checked?

Mercedes-Benz technicians inspect many different elements of your vehicle in a Visual Health Check, including:

  • Interior vehicle: horn, washers, wiper operation, seat belt operation/condition, parking brake operation
  • Exterior lights: lights operation, lens condition
  • Exterior vehicle: windscreen condition, window condition, exterior mirror condition, wiper condition
  • Under bonnet: brake fluid level, coolant level, V belt tension/condition, fluid leaks, battery security/condition
  • Under vehicle: steering condition, suspension condition, drivetrain check
  • Brakes: front/rear pad wear, front/rear disc condition
  • Wheel and tyres: tyre depth/condition

Any areas that need to be addressed will be explained by a Service Advisor, giving you the option to fix for a
competitive price.

Should you decide to, we then repair your vehicle right away using the latest Mercedes-Benz diagnostic equipment and Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts (with 24-month parts and labour warranty as standard).

All work carried out meets stringent quality assurance tests, so your vehicle is repaired to exacting Mercedes-Benz standards.