Atego Construction



A legend in its own lifetime, the new Atego is renowned across the world as a tough truck to beat in the light weight construction sector. Whatever the job at hand, from material supply to demolition, and everything inbetween: the new Atego is a winner. Sharing the DNA of the larger models in the range, the new Atego continues the tradition of Mercedes-Benz quality. As the benchmark in light and medium duty construction transport, the new Atego continues to offer a long design life and reliability second to none. Add to the mix a durable working environment for efficiency and comfort, and it is no wonder that resale values are exceptional.


Built to meet the needs of a harsh industry, the new Atego offers an ergonomically designed workplace to meet the needs of the job – with a multifunction steering wheel, colour dash display and a host of storage compartments whichever of the four cabins is chosen. Easy access – many models having a single entry step – makes the new Atego ideal for site work, and the range offers a host of versatile models and options, from all wheel drive models to a crew cab. The new Atego now has a Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission as standard, controlled via the right hand column stalk. Not only smoother and faster shifting, this is a winning feature on all fronts – less stress for the driver, lower wear on the vehicle, and lower fuel consumption.


Despite meeting the exacting requirements of Euro VI emission regulations, the new Atego offers something for construction transport that matters more than anything else – operational efficiency. Weight reduction measures to counteract the penalty of Euro VI, extended service intervals and an integrated vehicle check to monitor all major systems all lead to better efficiency in operation, although these are eclipsed by the jewel in the crown – the driveline. The new Euro VI 4- and 6-cylinder engines offer a fuel saving of up to 5% when combined with the standard Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission, saving money whilst providing class leading driveability and comfort.


A choice of two cabs are specifically designed for the new Atego in construction site operation, The S-Cab ClassicSpace and S-Cab ClassicSpace with extended rear panel are characterised by easy access, compact exterior dimensions and excellent visibility. The standard roof height allows for easy access to tight locations, whilst providing an excellent working space for construction site work. These cabs are also available with the option of a centre seat.

In addition, some models are available with the option of the L-Cab, both as ClassicSpace and BigSpace versions, offering comfort for overnight stays and up to two beds. These cabs also offer seat/bunk combinations as an option. Also available by special request is a crew cab.