Work better, drive better, live better - the new Actros shows how it's done.

Comfort reinvented.

The new Actros lends concepts such as freedom of movement and atmosphere a whole new meaning without losing sight of drivers' everyday work. To promote drivers' productivity and counteract fatigue, we have redefined comfort once again.

Ergonomics and driving comfort.

Comfort and work in perfect harmony.

Comfort is more than just luxury. It is our answer to the need for higher standards in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage, providing for pleasant working and driving conditions.

Your workplace in the Actros.

Modern, ergonomic, practical, motivating and not least of all efficiency-boosting. Whether you are a driver or fleet operator, we're convinced you'll be delighted by the workplace in the new Actros. It offers the driver the best possible working and driving conditions. And through intelligent networking with headquarters and logistics processes it contributes to even better performance.

Advantages at a glance:

  • The newly designed workplace with Multimedia Cockpit1, multifunction steering wheel featuring Touch Control Buttons2, MirrorCam3 and electronic parking brake provides for enhanced driving comfort, ergonomics and ease of operation.
  • Active Drive Assist is optionally available for certain Actros models to actively relieve the driver's workload and enhance driving safety
  • Simple handling and operation of the most diverse vehicle and body functions via the secondary Multi-Touch-Display2
  • Mercedes-Benz Truck Navigation4,2 with Traffic Sign Assist, dynamic route guidance and Live Traffic Information

Multimedia Cockpit.

For a high level of driving, working and operating convenience, the new Actros is equipped with the innovative Multimedia Cockpit A high-resolution 26-cm (10.25-inch) colour display replaces the conventional instrument cluster and provides a clear display of all driving and vehicle information. It is supplemented by the Multi-Touch display in the same size on the dashboard.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Integrated radio infotainment system as standard, Digital Audio Broadcasting Radio (DAB) and sound system6 optionally available
  • Optional Convenience Telephony, wireless charging2
  • New key, convenience central locking system
  • Remote online & Remote Truck App for operating many vehicle functions by smartphone
  • Multifunction key
  • Optional Fleetboard apps4,2 for simplified handling and enhanced ergonomics

Multimedia Cockpit, interactive5.

The Multimedia Cockpit, interactive is an expansion of the Multimedia Cockpit. The central display has a size of 31.3 cm (12.3") and permits a choice between two screen designs. It also includes a navigation system, Traffic Sign Assist and Remote Online for the control of various vehicle functions via the smartphone.

Also integrated is Remote Connect for storage volume and access to the Fleetboard Store, which offers many convenience- and efficiency-enhancing apps for the Multi-Touch Display (26 cm, 10.25").

Multifunction steering wheel, Touch Control Buttons2.

The new multifunction steering wheel with Touch Control Buttons enhances ergonomics and ease of operation. A diverse range of vehicle systems and functions can be operated and information called up by swiping and pressing the Touch Control Buttons. The Touch Control Button on the right-hand side serves to operate the primary display (instrument cluster), while the Touch Control Button on the left is used for the secondary Multi-Touch-Display.

Steering wheel.

The leather steering wheel with a diameter of 450 mm increases comfort and also contributes to an individual, homely atmosphere. Leather as a natural material quickly adapts to major temperature differences. The insert and the multifunction buttons are available in two versions: black grained and silver shadow chrome. In the area of the spokes, the leather is perforated.

Keyless Start.

With the high-quality remote control key, the vehicle can be conveniently opened or locked from a distance of up to 50 metres. The radio remote control features direction-independent operation and does not need to be aimed directly at the vehicle.

To start the vehicle, the key does not need to be inserted but must simply be in the vehicle or within a maximum radius of two metres around the start-stop button. The engine is switched off by pressing the start-stop button. A surface-mounted, chrome-plated Mercedes star ensures an attractive appearance of the key.

The driver's and co-driver's doors can be locked and unlocked by radio remote control. The driver's and co-driver's doors can still be conveniently locked and unlocked from the inside using the manual switch in the doors. With the comfort opening/closing system, the side windows and sliding sunroof are operated by means of the remote control. A receiver in the dashboard console converts the radio commands accordingly and controls the locking system.

Convenience central locking system.

In conjunction with the new convenience key, the locking system increases operating convenience and security.

In addition to the legally required light check, the driver's and co-driver's doors, the side windows and the sliding sunroof can be conveniently opened and closed, or unlocked and locked, by pressing a button on the convenience key using radio remote control.

Engine start/stop button.

To start the engine with the engine start-stop button it is sufficient for the new convenience key to be located inside the cab.

Parking brake, electronic with hold function.

The new electronic parking brake with hold function combines easier handling and greater safety.

It is automatically activated when the engine is turned off – but can also be turned on and off by operating the lever in the cockpit. The integrated hold function is activated when the vehicle is stationary – at a red light, for example – simply by pressing down hard on the brake pedal. The function is released once the accelerator pedal is operated again.

Remote online & Remote Truck App4.

Remote Online makes it possible to connect a mobile device, such as the driver's smartphone, to the vehicle's own network.

With the associated app, the driver can check or control a wide variety of vehicle functions from a distance of up to 25 metres. From fuel level and tyre pressure to radio settings and interior lighting.

Radio infotainment system2.

The new Actros comes as standard with an integrated radio infotainment system that conjures up a whole new feeling in the cab. A digital radio featuring Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is also optionally available. Numerous connection options are available for integrating external devices.

Digital radio.

Thanks to the digital receiver, terrestrial digital DAB and DAB+ programmes can also be received in addition to conventional radio programmes. Therefore, depending on the country, a large selection of other stations in CD quality is available. Other advantages include excellent reception characteristics and valuable additional information, for example on the radio programme.

Multimedia Radio Touch.

The Multimedia Radio Touch with its 17.7 cm colour display can be operated intuitively via the touchscreen and offers numerous convenience features. These include the Bluetooth interface for hands-free calling and audio streaming, as well as convenient access to smartphone content via Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink.

Sound system6.

First-class sound and optimum surround sound in the cab: The multi-channel sound system with state-of-the-art technology and a total of nine speakers ensures optimum sound quality, leaving nothing to be desired when it comes to music enjoyment.

With five main channels and a separate low-frequency-effect channel, it offers innovative sound technology in Dolby Digital 5.1 format. Added to this is a full, rich reproduction in the low frequency range from a frequency of 20 Hz.

Playback is via 7 + 1 speakers, all of which are specially coordinated and matched to each other. The bass/mid-range speakers provide better reproduction of treble and bass frequencies than standard broadband speakers. Two tweeters are placed in the A-pillars, two woofers/mid-range speakers (160 mm) in the doors, two full-range speakers (100 mm) in the shelf above the windscreen and an active subwoofer (100 W) in a 20 l bass reflex speaker in the left-hand stowage compartment.

Navigation system and Traffic Sign Assist4,2.

In combination with the Mercedes-Benz Truck Navigation for truck-specific, dynamic route guidance and Live Traffic Information, the Traffic Sign Assist function is available as an option. This information is presented on the primary display.

State-of-the-art driver support through optimum, traffic-dependent route planning. The system, with Mercedes-Benz Truck Navigation for truck-specific, dynamic route guidance and live traffic information, also uses the data from the Traffic Sign Assist system and displays it on the touch display..

For its optimised route planning, the navigation system makes use of precise maps from 49 European countries. Live Traffic Information is currently available in 27 countries. Map updates can be downloaded and installed independently if required.

Convenience telephony, wireless charging.

For easier handling and better voice quality, the new Actros can be equipped with the Convenience Telephony Plus and an inductive charging cradle.

An external telephone aerial and the integrated hands-free set with dual Bluetooth, to which up to two mobile phones can be connected, ensure perfect transmission quality. Wireless charging for smartphones of up to 6 inches (15.2 cm) via the inductive charging cradle

The connected smartphones are operated via the new multifunction steering wheel or alternatively via the Multi-Touch display Of course, connections for charging with cable are also available.


Comfort suspension seat.

The air-suspended seat can be adjusted to meet the individual occupant's requirements and provides the best ergonomic basis as well as a great deal of comfort. The integrated seat heating contributes to this comfort. The comfort suspension seat is equipped with pneumatic height adjustment, seat cushion angle and depth adjustment and an integrated headrest with an integrated, height-adjustable 3-point automatic seat belt.

Air-conditioned suspension seat.

The optionally available air-suspended, ventilated driver's suspension seat provides pleasant seating conditions and a high level of comfort. The integral armrests and the seat heating also contribute to this. The active ventilation system in the backrest and cushion of the climatised suspension seat reduces heat and moisture build-up. The numerous individual adjustment options make for optimal ergonomics.

Heating and air-conditioning system

The system is characterised by its immediate response and facilitates draught-free ventilation.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Innovative, air-controlled heating and air conditioning system
  • Automatic climate control and auxiliary air conditioning for even greater comfort
  • Optional innovative residual engine heat utilisation system
  • Optional hot-water auxiliary heater for engine and/or cab7

[1] Optional item for S- and M-cabs.

[2] Not in conjunction with Classic Cockpit.

[3] Not for ADR vehicles.

[4] Option, standard in conjunction with Multimedia Cockpit, interactive.

[5] Not available on all models.

[6] Only in conjunction with L-cab with level floor.

[7] No activation of cab and engine in conjunction with 320 mm engine tunnel. 

Stowage facilities.

Space for everything that you need for a long journey.

Plenty of space for your gear. And for yourself.

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road needs space of their own. And space for the essentials that are on board during long journeys. This is why the cabs of the Actros offer particularly spacious interiors – with vast amounts of stowage space.

Beyond the extensive scope of stowage facilities which comes as standard, additional stowage compartments1 are available to make individual and efficient use of the available space.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Vast range of stowage facilities
  • Stowage capacity of up to 332 l above windscreen
  • Stowage compartments beneath the bed with a capacity of up to 558 l
  • Optional refrigerator with a capacity of up to 36 l
  • Optional folding table integrated into the dash support on the co-driver's side

Stowage compartments above the windscreen. As a result of the new, symmetrical arrangement of the stowage compartments above the windscreen, the GigaSpace offers not only 332 l of stowage capacity, but also excellent freedom of movement and headroom on the co-driver's side. The upper stowage compartments with hinged lids are illuminated on the inside, lined with slip-resistant felt and offer two drivers adequate space for everything they need to take along with them.

Table on co-driver's side.

The optional folding table is integrated in the dashboard and can be folded out and in again quickly for working or eating.

Drawer under the instrument support.

In cabs with a level floor, a drawer beneath the dashboard provides easily accessible stowage space. A second drawer below is optionally available.

Drawer under the bed.

In L-cabs with a 170 mm engine tunnel a practical drawer with a capacity of 51 l is housed in the centre section beneath the bed. A refrigerator with a capacity of 26 l is optionally available instead of the drawer.

The GigaSpace and BigSpace are equipped with two spacious drawers, one of which can optionally take the form of a refrigerator with a capacity of 36 l in which drinks bottles can be carried standing upright2.

Exterior stowage compartments.

With a capacity of up to 420 l, the two stowage compartments located under the bed in the L-cabs can be accessed from both the inside and outside and offer a huge amount of stowage space. Two adjustable stowage trays are optionally available to allow better use to be made of the space.

[1] Depending on cab variant.

[2] Also for StreamSpace with width of 2500 mm.

Living and sleeping comfort.

Supreme comfort. All your home comforts on the road.

With the SoloStar Concept and the extremely comfortable beds, the new Actros has all the qualities that really count when it comes to living and sleeping comfort in the long-distance transport sector.

Advantages at a glance:

  • SoloStar Concept1 optionally available for outstanding living comfort
  • Comfortable beds1 measuring up to 2200 mm in length and 750 mm in width
  • Upper comfort bed with level control and a width of 750 mm2,1
  • Upper comfort bed1 optionally available with a width of 600 mm
  • 7-zone comfort mattress, optionally PremiumComfort mattress

SoloStar Concept.

SoloStar (LHD only) seat. The central element of the spacious living area is the extremely comfortable seat against the back wall of the cab. It invites you to take some time out and also provides a pleasant place to sit when eating.

Optionally available for left hand drive cabs of 2500 mm in width, this cab design provides for comfortable rest periods, more freedom of movement and the highest possible degree of functionality.

The SoloStar Concept has a distinctly homely character with exceptional comfort for resting and sleeping as well as numerous equipment options. It is particularly suited to solo drivers.

The central element is the comfortable seat against the back wall of the cab, in which you can stretch out your legs. It is equipped with a head restraint and an integral 3-point automatic seat belt to allow the vehicle to be operated with a crew of two. Getting changed in the cab is also easy – as is eating thanks to the fold-down table with cutlery compartment.


Restful sleep is assured by the 7-zone cold-foam comfort mattress. Even greater comfort is provided by the optional PremiumComfort multizone mattress which is available for both the upper and the lower bed.

Shaving mirror.

The mirror is located in the stowage compartment on the co-driver's side above the windscreen. It is available for cabs with a width of 2500 mm (StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace cabs), as well as for cabs with a width of 2300 mm (StreamSpace cab only).

Single-piece electric roller sun blind for windscreen.

Due to it being made of a single piece, it provides more effective protection against sunlight: there is no gap through which the sun could dazzle the driver. The roller is operated extremely conveniently by means of a single button and can quickly be lowered or raised.

Maximum comfort for resting and sleeping.

With upper and lower beds each measuring 750 mm in width and up to 2200 mm in length 1.

The comfort beds in the new Actros offer the highest levels of comfort for resting and sleeping, featuring a single-piece 7-zone cold-foam mattress of 110 mm in thickness as standard. The lower bed can be folded right up with the bedding and secured to the cab rear wall with two T-straps. This facilitates access to the exterior stowage compartments and allows full use to be made of the large seat adjustment range.

For relaxing break times, the back section can be propped up to 45 degrees. It can support as much as 150 kg. The cover is also suitable for sensitive persons thanks to its anti-allergy impregnation. Practically-oriented layout of all controls makes for simple, swift and comfortable operation.

[1] Not available for S-cab and M-cabs.

[2] Standard in conjunction with SoloStar Concept.