eCanter 4.25T

True Alternative.

The Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t is the sustainable alternative for use in the city and urban environment. Because it has everything that has always distinguished the FUSO Canter as a genuine light duty truck, that is locally emission-free and purely electrically powered. 

The Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t is compact, manoeuvrable and easy to handle and is available in three different wheelbases – 2,500 mm, 2,800 mm and 3,400 mm. The maximum chassis payload of the Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t is 1,700 kg with a wheelbase of 2,500 mm.

FUSO equips it with battery packs in sizes S and M, depending on the selected wheelbase. Its electric motor has the equivalent of 150 hp (110 kW). With a range*/** of up to 140 km (M battery) and 70 km (S battery), respectively, the Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t can easily match the average daily operating profile of a Canter 3.5 t with diesel drive. 

By the way: if the driver has had his driving licence for at least two years, he can drive the Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t with a class B car driving licence – just like the 3.5-tonne diesel variant.

eCanter 4.25T

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eCanter 4.25T Cab

Cabin. Narrow and Wide.

FUSO equips the Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t with two cab variants, depending on the selected wheelbase and battery package.

  • With a width of 1,695 mm, the narrow version of the standard single cab combines particularly compact exterior dimensions with a relatively spacious interior and three fully-fledged seats.
  • With a width of 1,995 mm, the comfort single cab also offers seating for three in a slightly more spacious interior.

Drive Unit. Electric and Efficient.

The Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t has a highly efficient electric drive unit EDM (Electric Drive Module), which consists of an eMotor and eAxle.

  • The new, state-of-the-art eMotor with permanent magnet synchronous drive and water cooling was developed by Bosch.
  • With 430 Nm / 110 kW (peak) and 250 Nm / 85 kW (continuous), it is powerful and highly efficient. It delivers the equivalent of 150 hp and its maximum speed is 15,000 rpm.
  • The integrated form with inverter leads to an optimised size. Additional high-voltage cables are omitted, and the maintenance effort is reduced.
  • The water cooling system reduces costs and increases efficiency compared to the oil cooling system.
  • The eMotor offers higher maximum torque across the entire speed range when needed, yet is quieter, smoother and low in vibration.
  • The state-of-the-art eAxle technology enables a compact driveline with an integrated differential and without a propshaft.
eCanter Drive Unit
eCanter Battery

Battery Packs. Small and Medium.

FUSO equips the Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t with two different battery pack options, S-Pack and M-Pack, depending on the selected wheelbase.

  • LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries are less dependent on raw materials such as nickel, cobalt or manganese. They have a long life span and are generally considered safe.
  • The nominal capacity of the batteries is 41.3 kWh (S, up to 70 km range) and 83.6 kWh (M, up to 140 km range). */**
  • The battery allows the use of an above-average 94 % of the nominal capacity.
  • An effective water cooling system always keeps the battery at an optimal temperature and thus positively influences the battery’s life span.
  • In the event of a defect or damage, the battery can be replaced individually.

Range Increase. Active and Passive

The Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t has various functions that contribute to maximise the range.

  • Four different levels of recuperation modes help the driver to regenerate braking energy, which is fed back into the battery, thereby extending the range.
  • A special optional range package with individual heated components, such as the steering wheel, windscreen and driver’s seat, which consume little energy, conserves batteries compared to the cab heater.
eCanter Range
eCanter Charging

Charging Solutions. Compatible and Practical.

The Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t is compatible with both AC and DC charging technology and with all main voltages in all major markets.

  • Unlike other electric trucks, it does not necessarily require a cost-intensive DC charging station (high-performance charging).
  • Setting up an AC (alternating current) charging infrastructure is simpler and more cost-effective.
  • The charging power for AC charging is 22 kW (M battery) and 11 kW (S battery), respectively. An 8-metre Mode 3 charging cable for corresponding charging points is standard.
  • Depending on the charging capacity and the size of the battery pack, the average charging time for AC charging is between 3.5 and 5 hours. ***
  • The customer can order a suitable AC wall box from Siemens directly from his FUSO dealer.
  • For DC charging with an input power of 104 kW (or 70 kW for S battery), the average charging time is between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours. ***
  • It is possible to unlock the charging plug at the charging socket. Access to the cabin is therefore not necessary.
  • The vehicle menu function SoC (State of Charge) supports an optimised charging strategy that reduces charging time and is based on the driver’s usage data. He can also set a target value (Target SoC) which, when reached, automatically ends the charging process.

Safety. Protect and Support.

The Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t is equipped with various modern assistance and safety systems.

  • ABS, ESP, as well as Active Brake Assist (emergency braking system), LDWS (lane departure warning system), Active Sideguard Assist (cornering assistant) and driver airbag are standard.
  • The new standard electric parking brake secures the vehicle against rolling away.
  • LED daytime running lights, LED front lights and LED rear lights are standard. The LED headlights are 30% brighter than halogen models and consume less energy. The LED tail lights increase energy efficiency and emphasise the fresh and modern design.
  • The standard Autolight function controls the driving lights depending on the lighting conditions.
  • Also standard is the camera-based, intelligent Highbeam Assist, which automatically controls high or low beams.
  • AVAS (Accoustic Vehicle Alert System) generates artificial vehicle sounds and warning sounds when driving slowly and reversing to warn other road users.
  • An optional reinforced rear underride guard offers even better protection in the event of rear-end collisions.
eCanter Safety
eCanter Bodies

Body options. Versatile and a Perfect Fit.

The Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t features a great body-friendliness and is suitable for almost any logistics requirement.

  • Thanks to their optimised size, the new battery packs are located in the middle of the chassis and free up further installation space for attachments.
  • Common superstructures such as box bodies (with and without lifting platform), refrigerated box bodies, beverage transporters, flatbeds and tippers can be easily realised on the electric light duty truck.
  • The body specialists at FUSO naturally support eCanter customers in finding the ideal body and the right body manufacturer for their application.
  • FUSO will also offer the flatbed and tipper body ex works for the Next Generation eCanter.
  • The Next Generation eCanter is particularly body-friendly and compatible because it can be optionally equipped ex works with mechanical power take-offs that supply units such as a cooling compressor.
  • An optional 24 V interface is also available for the eCanter.
  • Bodybuilders do not need to create a connection to the FUSO high-voltage system or separate CAN connections.

Interior. Modern and Practical.

The interior of the Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t combines practical functionality with a driver-oriented focus.

  • The Next Generation eCanter has a smart key system for opening and an engine start/stop switch for starting or stopping.
  • The new fully digital IPS LCD instrument cluster provides an optimal overview of functions such as speedometer, odometer, battery level indicator, recuperation indicator and more.
  • A charging stop button, a charging time display and an LED charging status display provide more convenience around the charging process.
  • Standard multifunction steering wheel with buttons to control the LCD display, infinitely adjustable for customisation.
  • The transmission modes (forward, neutral, reverse) are selected via an electronic gear lever. An additional function is the selection of the recuperation level.
  • Comfortable ergonomic driver’s seat from Isringhausen as standard.
  • Fully automatic air conditioning as standard.
  • Power windows add to the ease of use.
eCanter Interior
eCanter Comfort

Driving. Comfortable and Dynamic.

As an electric vehicle, the Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t comes with typical features that make driving pleasant, comfortable and dynamic.

  • One-speed gearstick eliminates the need to change gears and operate the clutch.
  • Comfort increases with quiet, smooth and agile handling and acceleration is almost seamless without jerks or torque interruptions.
  • The e-drive technology ensures dynamic response and direct acceleration when starting off.
  • An electronic switch simplifies operation of the new integrated, electronically controlled parking brake.

Service. Uncomplicated and Qualitative.

As a mature series product, the Next Generation eCanter 4.25 t is characterised by its service-friendliness. This applies to technical components as well as to the maintenance itself.

  • The large service network of Mercedes-Benz workshops and FUSO partners guarantees the usual service quality for the Next Generation eCanter that customers are familiar with from their diesel vehicle.
  • Each battery pack has a maintenance hatch for easy access to the electronic control components. These can be replaced individually in case of defects.
  • The positioning of the new battery packs reduces the number of routed cables and thus increases ease of maintenance.
  • Servicing the e-axle unit is easier and maintenance costs are lower. There is no need for time-consuming gearbox maintenance.
eCanter Service


Makes 'e' Work.


eCanter 7.49T

Electric for Everyday.


eCanter 8.55T

Electric for Tough Cases.

* Range data is based on test results under limited test conditions. Electricity consumption (EE) may vary according to various external conditions such as loading, driving style, weather, battery age and vehicle options. Therefore, the range is an estimation depending on individual vehicle usage and these external factors. The real range can be below or above the mentioned values.

** The values have been derived under the following conditions: Load condition of 50% payload, body application as box body, ambient temperature of 20 °C and an average battery age.

*** The charging time depends on various factors such as the charging capacity of the vehicle, the charging capacity of the charging station, the state of charge (SoC) of the battery and the ambient and battery temperature. The values are based on internally determined empirical values under optimal conditions of 20 °C ambient temperature.