Find the Right Canter

The Canter. Ready for any task, no matter in which industry.

Distribution: Agile and Comfortable.

Its compact dimensions make the FUSO Canter ideal for delivery and service in the city and urban areas. At 3.5t it offers a turning circle of 10.2m. The Canter demonstrates its practicality with its comfortable interior, modern assistance and safety systems contributing to greater road safety. For locally emission-free city logistics, the fully electric FUSO eCanter is available.

Construction: Robust and Efficient.

The FUSO Canter for construction use is tough that’s to its torsion-resistant steel ladder frame.
Thanks to its particularly high chassis load capacity the FUSO Canter 7.5t and 8.55t can easily handle heavy payloads. For extra traction, the FUSO Canter can offer unbeatable economy in the 4×4 variant with selectable all-wheel drive.

With three different-sized cab variants to choose from depending on tonnage, the FUSO Canter allows for particularly compact exterior dimensions as well as increased seating requirements. Directly behind the cab, the FUSO factory bodies for flatbeds and tippers offer a complete vehicle solution on request.

Gardening and Landscaping: Practical and Flexible.

Whether on the narrow parkway or with a crew of up to seven on board, the Canter is there. Three different cabin variants, which can be selected depending on the tonnage, offer a solution tailored to your needs. In the Canter 3.5 t, the independent suspension gives all occupants an extra dynamic and safe driving experience.

Thanks to its robust C-profile steel ladder frame, the Canter can also take on almost anything, and up to 3.5 tonnes of towing capacity provide even more flexibility when planning transport operations. The Canter is also an ideal carrier vehicle for cranes, enabling independent loading and unloading directly on site, even for heavier goods.

Municipal: Versatile and Reliable.

The Canter’s enormous versatility across all tonnages and models is the best prerequisite for the wide range of transport tasks that arise in a municipality in summer and winter. In the 4×4 variant with selectable all-wheel drive, the Canter combines demand-oriented flexibility and consumption-oriented economy in a very special way. With its three different cab variants, depending on tonnage, it combines ideal space with compact external dimensions.

The Canter already offers customisable comfort functions for the driver ex works and has further equipment options on offer. In addition, modern assistance and safety systems in the Canter support the driver and contribute to greater safety for other road users.