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First-class facilities, high-technology systems and motivated staff with extensive, continuous training combine to give our network a decisive, competitive edge.

Selecting and buying the best truck for your business is only part of the story. Keeping it on the road in the most cost-effective way is essential to keep your business moving forward. Breakdowns can happen, damaging your business reputation, but ensuring your vehicle is in the best possible condition with regular servicing, maintenance and repair certainly reduces that risk.

Our dealerships are situated across the North East. Day and night, we are there when you need us, offering round-the-clock support from our professionally trained technicians that are specialised in servicing FUSO trucks and backed up by a specialist team of technicians at Mercedes-Benz Trucks Head Office.

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To get the best out of your truck and to keep it running how the Mercedes-Benz engineers intended, we recommend that you have it maintained and serviced at regular intervals at any one of our Mercedes-Benz authorised dealerships located across the North East of England.

We have a number of servicing and repair options and Service Contracts designed to help manage your maintenance costs with flexible and affordable options.

Not only will you feel reassured that trained technicians are working on your truck, you can rest assured that they will use FUSO genuine parts.

Please contact our service team to book your vehicle in. 

Service 24h. We won't leave you stranded.

Roadside assistance to keep your business running 24 hours a day.

Service24h is the roadside support service from Mercedes-Benz . Our qualified Mercedes-Benz Technicians work to provide you with around-the-clock assistance from throughout the UK and Europe.

To request Service24h from the UK, please dial 00800 5777 7777. If you're calling from abroad, please dial +44 (0) 207 660 9991.

What we do

On receiving a call for roadside assistance, our Customer Assistance Centre (CAC) record all of the details on their breakdown management system and search for the most appropriate S24h Technician to attend. This is a straight forward process as all of our S24h support vehicles are fitted with GPS trackers which allows the location of each vehicle to be displayed on the CAC's mapping system.

Once the appropriate Technician has been identified, the CAC notify them that there is a breakdown for them to attend. The Technician can access all of the breakdown details via their smartphone, standard issue for our S24h Technicians, which they then use to accept the case and provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

The CAC receive the ETA as a real-time update on their breakdown management system and relay this to the customer. The Technician continues to provide real-time updates (arrival at scene, diagnosis and repair details) to the CAC via their smartphone until the vehicle is back on the road. If the breakdown has been reported by an advisor rather than the driver, the CAC will use these updates to keep the advisor fully briefed every step of the way.

All new Mercedes-Benz Trucks receive cover for roadside assistance and/or recovery for the first year should the vehicle be stranded roadside and/or cannot be started and this has been caused by a technical defect that is covered under warranty. Beyond the first year, we will continue to support Truck customers who require roadside assistance, however, this will be on a pay-on-use basis.

Bell Truck and Van can provide complete piece of mind with our three year unlimited mileage warranty.

Your FUSO Canter is expertly engineered to provide highly reliable, trouble free operation. However, at FUSO we want to go the extra mile to make sure your Canter protected against any unexpected faults which may arise as part of the manufacturing process. That’s why we offer all customers who purchase a FUSO Canter in one of our UK authorised Dealerships a three year unlimited mileage warranty.

This warranty will cover you for defects in material or workmanship that occur as a result of the vehicle manufacturing process. Full details of the components included in your warranty can be found in our warranty guide, which you can download below.

Replacement parts and major assemblies for FUSO Canter are also backed by a standard 12 month unlimited mileage warranty.

For queries about warranty, contact us today.