Canter 8.55T

Clear Message. The Canter 8.55T.

The FUSO Canter 8.55 t offers an outstanding payload balance with its almost 6 t chassis load capacity and a permissible gross train weight (GVW) of up to 12.05 t.

The Canter 8.55 t offers the typical compact dimensions of a light truck, which make it agile and easy to manoeuvre. Moreover, depending on the configuration, it has an extremely low tare weight – 2,565 kg with a wheelbase of 3,400 mm – without sacrificing stability.

This is ensured by its robust steel ladder frame, which, with a frame width of 850 mm that is continuous across all models, enables a chassis load capacity of almost 6 t and ensures greater roll stability. High maximum axle loads – 3,100 kg on the front axle and up to 5,800 kg on the rear axle – complete the solid design of the Canter 8.55 t.

Due to its advantageous front-wheel drive design, the Canter 8.55 t has the most compact overall dimensions comparatively. Especially with longer body dimensions – maximum 7.2 m – a definite advantage over vans with a nose. The Canter 8.55 t offers a clear benefit in manoeuvrability with just as many – up to 15 – pallet spaces. Additionally, the Canter 8.55 t can offer up to 3.5 t towing capacity.

In the Canter 8.55 t, the DUONIC® 2.0 dual-clutch transmission is fitted as standard. It stands for a comfortable driving experience and smooth gearshifts without tractive effort interruption.

Canter 8.55T

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Cab. Wide and Comfortable.

FUSO supplies the Canter 8.55 t with the comfort single cab ex works.

It is 1,995 mm wide and combines compact exterior dimensions with a spacious interior. The comfort single cab has three seats.

Engines. Powerful and Economical.

FUSO equips the Canter 8.55 t with the ideally dimensioned, powerful 3-litre engine with 129 kW (175 hp) output for demanding transport tasks.

  • Its turbocharger with variable turbine geometry ensures optimum response and consistently high torque even at low engine speeds.
  • It features the latest common-rail technology and a start-stop function as standard.
  • A closed, automatically regenerating diesel particulate filter in combination with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) cleans the exhaust gases.
  • The engine complies with the EURO VI standard (stage E).

Transmission. Automatic and Inteligent.

FUSO equips the Canter 8.55 t with the DUONIC® 2.0 dual-clutch transmission as standard.

  • The automated 6-speed transmission provides a comfortable shifting sensation without tractive effort interruption and with minimal wear.
  • In addition, there is the practical parking function for safe parking, the consumption-reducing integrated Eco Mode and other intelligent solutions such as the crawl function for easier manoeuvring and the Hill Start Assist to ensure the truck moves off smoothly on upward gradients.

Safety. Protect and Support.

The Canter 8.55 t is equipped with various modern assistance and safety systems.

  • ESP, ABS and AEBS (emergency braking system), LDWS (lane departure warning system) and driver airbag are of course standard.
  • The Sideguard Assist (turn-off assistant) is available as an option.
  • In addition to LED daytime running lights, the front headlights are optionally available in LED design.
  • Alongside the optional front passenger airbag, the standard seatbelt reminder enhances occupant safety.
  • A reinforced rear underride guard offers even better protection in the case of rear-end collisions.

Body Options. Versatile and Custom-Fit.

The Canter 8.55 t is designed to be particularly body-friendly and FUSO works closely with well-known body manufacturers.

  • The C-profile ladder frame has a width of 850 mm for all four selectable wheelbases.
  • Power take-offs are available in two versions, 31 kW or 62 kW with flange (196 Nm / 392 Nm), as well as a 31 kW version for directly connected pumps (196 Nm).
  • Body brackets and additional brackets, such as for a compressor, are available as an option.
  • The optional 24 V interface completes the great body-friendliness.

Interior. Comfortable and Practical.

The interior of the Canter 8.55 t combines practical functionality with a driver-oriented focus.

  • A continuously adjustable steering wheel for individual adjustment is standard.
  • A particularly comfortable ergonomic driver’s swing seat from Isringhausen is also available.
  • The well thought-out storage concept brings clarity and order and includes clever solutions such as the storage shelf on the back of the folding central seat.
  • Power windows add to the ease of use.

More. In Series and Optional.

The portfolio of the Canter 8.55 t convinces with numerous other practice-oriented equipment features.

  • The standard Autolight function controls the driving lights depending on the lighting conditions.
  • The exhaust brake protects wearing parts such as pads and discs and relieves the brake system on long downhill journeys.
  • An automatic air conditioning system or a manual air conditioning system are available as options.